3 Best Video Editing Software Used By Professional Video Editors

Digital technology has advanced significantly over the years and this has made it easy for people to access quality video editing software. It is now possible to turn any video into a masterpiece using one of the software options available. The best video editing software offer import/capture, exporting, and editing options. These are basic features that software should have to allow effective editing. But the best software offers more than these basic functions. Here are some of the three main options you should consider.

Final Cut Pro

One of the best features in this video editors software is the inclusion of libraries. The libraries make it easy for you to group all your projects and activities in a single place. It also allows you to have multiple libraries, which you can open and close when necessary. The software has a backup option to store your files on a hard drive or cloud storage.

It comes with Project Snapshots, a feature that allows you to capture your edits. This additional editing functionality makes it easy to revise images. It also provides third-party plugin support and flexible media management.

One of the drawbacks is that you need to manage collaborative workflows carefully. In addition, it features a simple design that can make it easy for you to overlook advanced features.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This editing software has all the features you expect to find including a variety of tools, media bins, and timelines but what sets it apart from the other options is the fact that it is designed to meet every editor’s specific needs. It can be customized to suit the needs of a particular project.

It is an ideal choice for experienced video editors because it caters to their nuanced needs. A good example is the fact that this software allow you to make alterations and add effects to footage that is in a media bin. It also comes with a JKL editing tool that makes it possible to trim and scrub footage simultaneously.

Its disadvantage is that its motion-tracking masking tends to be slow. Another drawback is that you can only update text in the After Effects option.


This editing software stands out from Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro because it is designed for film and standard broadcast formats. This means that it is only possible to edit in broadcast resolutions. Some multimedia professionals may find this limiting.

It comes with Avid Media Access (AMA) that makes it possible to reference clips when they are in their original format. But this feature is not always reliable.

YouTube Video Editor

It’s difficult to find a user who has never used YouTube. Difficult, not to say that it is impossible, since the vast majority of blogs and websites utilize the videos stored on Google’s servers in their blog posts.

What was already good, now boasts more attractive for users around the world. It is an online video editor, which allows the junction of several videos or even cutting them to improve the duration. All this can be done quickly and all the user needs to do is create an account on YouTube (or add YouTube to Google account). Only videos that are in your YouTube account can be edited. If you already have on the page, just start editing. If you do not have, you must click on the button “Upload Videos” at the top of the page and then locate the files and follow the steps indicated by the service itself.

To begin effective editing, click on the plus sign located in each of the thumbnails and then drag the thumbnail onto the timeline. Each of the videos added can be previewed by the player. You might want to use only excerpts from videos. For this there is a cutter from YouTube Video Editor which can be accessed by clicking on the scissor sign located on thumbnails added to the timeline.

Drag the bars to indicate the exact start time and end of the edited video. With the arrows that are on or about this toolbar can be made more precise cuts because they represent the change in fractions of a second, very useful for anyone who wants to leave the final result a little more professional.

At the end background music can also be added. For this change YouTube Video Editor to Audio and choose any of the tracks that are available in the list created by the server. You can also search for music within the PC through the Editor’s search bar.

Preview the final result and now you can also publish them on YouTube. To do this, choose a name for the file and click on Publish button. Added to your account, you can edit the information related to it, and put captions and perform all actions that can be made with any file added to YouTube.